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What is Personal Development and Why It Matters


5 Components of Personal Development

I go to the gym three days per week. While I am there I see people pushing weights, running on treadmills, or in a Zumba class exercising to music. They are all trying to develop their bodies and improve their health. That’s a good thing! I highly recommend it!

However, your physical improvement is only part of the equation that will make you a peak performer. You must also develop the inner person and not just the outer person. By that I mean, you must develop your mind, your thinking, and your success habits.

That’s what “personal development” is all about. It’s about personal growth and self-improvement. But what is personal development exactly?

It refers to the ongoing process of improving one’s skills, knowledge, mindset, and overall well being. It is a conscious effort to create self-awareness, set goals, and engage in activities that foster growth and self-improvement.

The Japanese refer to this as “kaizen.” This word means “continuous improvement.” Kaizen is making small incremental improvements on a daily basis that lead to significant long-term benefits.

It’s the process that Japan adopted in the early 1950s that transformed their industry. This concept took their industry from “poor quality” products to products that are in high demand world-wide as they are considered of “extremely high quality.” I am almost certain that you may own one or more of their products with names such as Toyota, Sony, or Kawasaki.

This concept also works with people. Personal development is continuous self-improvement. It can positively impact various aspects of our lives.

Self-awareness and Reflection:

Personal development begins with self-awareness. We must take time to assess our values, strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and motivations.

It is essential to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and the areas where we need to improve. Self-awareness helps us to align our patterns of behavior, our actions with our goals and values.

Self-awareness is the foundation for personal growth. It guides us in creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development:

Personal development places an emphasis on lifelong learning and skill development. It encourages individuals to increase their knowledge, to acquire new skills, and to stay up to date in this ever changing world.

This may be through reading, attending workshops, seeking mentorship, or by formal education. Improving your skills and never stopping to learn new things will open doors to new opportunities.

Continuous learning and skill development enhances personal and professional growth, which in turn creates greater success in life, business, or career.

Setting and Achieving Goals:

Personal development involves setting clear and achievable goals. These goals should align with our aspirations and values. Goals provide direction, purpose, and activate our sub-conscious mind to achieve our objectives.

By setting goals, we create a roadmap for success, and helps us to remain focused on our desired outcome. Through the process of goal-setting we can develop essential planning, organization, and time management skills. Thus, we become more productive and effective.

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 Cultivating Positive Habits and Mindset:

Personal development is about developing positive habits and a growth mindset. It’s about developing positive habits such as regular exercise, practicing mindfulness, and healthy routines that contribute to our overall well-being and success.

Personal development encourages continuous development of tiny habits which eventually lead to success. According to James Clear, author of the best-selling book Atomic Habits, tiny changes can make a world of difference. Small improvements of just 1% daily can make the difference between success and failure. They can make the difference between mediocre and exceptional.

A growth mindset is a research validated concept that involves believing in your ability to learn, to grow, and to improve. It is the belief that intelligence is not set in stone, but rather, it can be improved to enhance problem-solving skills.

Growth mindset encourages resilience, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Cultivating positive habits and mindset helps us to overcome obstacles, maintain optimism and adapt to change.

Enhancing Relationships and Emotional Intelligence:

Personal development also encompasses nurturing meaningful relationships and developing emotional intelligence. It is of utmost importance to be able to maintain good social relationships.

This is done with good emotional intelligence i.e., the ability to manage our emotions. As described in the book, The EQ Edge, by Steven J. Stein, and Howard E. Book, “emotional intelligence is what we commonly refer to as ‘street smarts,’ or that uncommon ability we label ‘common sense.’ It has to do with the ability to read the political and social environment, and landscape them; to intuitively grasp what others want and need, what their strengths and weaknesses are; to remain unruffled by stress; and to be engaging, the kind of person that others want to be around.”

Enhancing our emotional intelligence enables us to build stronger connections, resolve conflicts, and collaborate more effectively with others.


Personal development is a life-long process that involves self-awareness, continuous learning, goal-setting, developing positive habits, and cultivating meaningful relationships. It is about investing in ourselves, honing our skills, and improving our deficits. It is about continuous small improvements or “kaizen.”

Through personal development, we can lead more fulfilling lives, achieve our goals, and become the best versions of ourselves. Embracing personal development not only benefits us individually but also has a positive ripple effect on our communities and the world at large.

Personal development is a powerful tool for unlocking our true potential. It is an essential process for ensuring our maximum success in life.

You have to apply yourself each day to becoming a little better. By applying yourself to the task of becoming a little better each and every day over a period of time, you will become a lot better.”- Coach John Wooden, 10-time NCAA basketball champ.

To your success,

David C Figueroa- Success Coach

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