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The Big Lie of “The Secret” And Why It’s Just Bunk!

The “Secret” Book didn’t tell you everything!  That’s why you’re destined to fail unless you get the WHOLE story!

In 2006, Rhonda Byrne wrote a book called “The Secret.” It went on to become a best-seller, selling over 19 million copies world-wide and was translated into 46 languages. There was also a film, and a video that went viral. The book and film were a huge marketing success having grossed $300 million in sales!

The book professed to reveal the “secret” to happiness, health, and wealth. It would reveal to you a great secret known by only a few people throughout history! It was shrouded in mystique, psuedo-science, and spirituality.

Several famous personalities contributed to the book, including Jack Canfield (author), John F. Demartini (philosopher), John Gray (psychologist), Joe Vitale (metaphysician), Denis Waitley (psychologist), and Fred Alan Wolf (quantum physicist) among others, thus giving it a sense of validity.

Although, the book provided some valuable information that can truly help your life, I believe that the book fell short in providing the secret to what REALLY creates the foundation for success in real life.

This book laid the foundation for what causes success, but it didn’t give you the whole process. That is why many people bought the book, read it, and yet still remain “living lives of quiet desperation.”

If you are searching for the “secret” to personal success in the areas of health, wealth, and happiness, I must tell you that there is NO secret. Success in any endeavor consists of applying a very basic formula and it’s not really all that mystical.

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The “Law of Attraction” was the cornerstone of “The Secret.” Yes, you have to know what you want and then ask for it. But, it does not involve some magical process relating to the universe or wave lengths. There is a scientific explanation. The “law of attraction” involves the reticular formation.

It is a neural structure located in the oldest part of the brain and is responsible for awareness, arousal, motivation, attention, and the ability to focus. Back when there were dinosaurs, it was responsible for the “flight or fight” response. If there was a big animal that was trying to eat you, your brain had to figure out very quickly whether you needed to fight or to get the heck out of there! Your brain had to be aroused and attentive at all times or else you might end up as some dinosaur’s lunch.

Today, you simply have to ask your brain what you want and it will provide the solution from things that are already in your environment.

Here’s how the reticular formation works. You probably drive some of the same streets to get to work day in and day out. Some things on those streets you notice but most you don’t. That is, you brain pays attention to the car in front of you, the sounds of the siren, but not all of the businesses lining the streets.

One day you notice that one of your shoes is losing the heel so you decide that you are going to have it fixed. As you’re driving to work the next day, you turn your head to the right and you interestingly notice that there is a shoe repair shop right on your route. The store has been there for about 40 years but you never noticed it until now.

That was your reticular formation working for you. When you asked your brain, “Where can I find a shoe repair shop?”, your brain provided the solution. I differ from “the Secret” book as I don’t believe that it was something mystical relating to the universe or frequencies.

It was simply your brain helping you to solve a problem like it has been doing for centuries.

So, you simply have to ask your brain what you want. If you want to be rich, you’re brain will find a way to get you there. If you want to lose 10 pounds, your brain will find the solution. You just have to know how to ask it. It must be in question form and it must be specific and positive. For example,

“How can I make $100,000 this year?” “How can I lose 10 pounds this year?” “What do I need to do to make myself happy?” Your brain will search your environment and find you the solution to these questions. You will become aware of things that were there in your environment all along but you never paid attention to them until you asked the question.

Thousands of people bought the book, but then were disheartened when they kept asking the universe for something they really wanted but never got it. You may know many people asking the universe to make them rich by winning the lottery. Most often they do not win a single cent.

First of all, how can they when they don’t even buy a ticket! Even when they do buy a ticket, they don’t win because the odds of winning are astronomical! Yet, they continue to buy tickets, and every time they do, they think positively and passionately that someday the “Law of Attraction” WILL bring them good fortune.

They ask the universe to bring them the riches that they dream about.  Their dream is so vivid that they can almost taste success!  They hope that they are sending out the right vibrations so that “the Secret” will work for them.  Yet, that fortune never comes!

So, why doesn’t it happen? Answer- because there is more to “the secret” of success than the “Law of Attraction.” The book didn’t tell you everything! I will tell you the real “secret formula” for success  in the Ultimate Success System That Never Fails.

To your success,

David C Figueroa- Success Coach

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