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Never Stop Dreaming! Dream Big Like The Mayans Did!


You’re the only one who can make a difference.  Whatever your dream is, go for it.”- Magic Johnson

I’ve always been a dreamer, but more than that I have been a doer.  When I’ve been striving for a dream, I have felt alive!  I have felt that I was going somewhere and accomplishing things.  I was striving, moving forward, every day getting closer to my dreams.

Then, I retired from work about three years ago.  One day, when it would have been time for me to go to work, I sat at home alone watching TV.  I suddenly got a sick feeling in my stomach.  I thought, “Is this it? Am I done?  What do I do now?”

I realized that I was no longer a dreamer.  If I didn’t change what I was doing and start dreaming again, then I was only dying.  The rest of my life would consist of waiting for death to come and claim me.  That was an ugly feeling!

So, I started dreaming again.  There are still things that I need to do.  I’ve set new goals and I’m striving again!  I feel alive!

Many people don’t dream.  Rather as Thoreau said, “They choose to live lives of quiet desperation.” Are you one of these people?  I implore you to DREAM BIG and don’t let anyone steal your dreams!  Be Alive!  Here’s a video that will motivate you to get started. . .

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David C Figueroa is a psychologist with over 35 years of experience teaching personal development. An awesome success coach, and internet marketer. Now retired, he has refocused his goals into helping network marketers grow their businesses online.

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