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How To Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet in Network Marketing- Part 1


Ten Questions For Making The Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever!


Maybe you’ve had a pretty good year in 2021!  You’ve learned the skills that are required to build a network marketing business.  You’re making consistent product sales having created a good cluster of clients on auto-ship. You’re consistently recruiting reps so your team is growing and they’re duplicating.  Best yet, your checks are starting to grow at a good rate.

But, are you ready to make 2021your best year yet?

In order to make 2022 your best year, you have to plan it and assess some important aspects of your personal life that are either accelerating your growth, or hindering your progress.  According to Jinny S. Ditzler, author of Your Best Year Yet, ten questions will help you to highlight those aspects and help you to plan your coming year.

The new year is approaching so it’s time to get started. . .

Ten Questions to ask yourself:

(Be sure to write your answers down on paper. It’s an important activity!)


1- What Did I Accomplish?

It’s important to focus on the positive things that we have accomplished up to this point.  Did you move into a new house? Did you start a new job? How much money did you earn from your network marketing business? Did you achieve your physical fitness goals?

“Awareness brings its own reward.  Shifting your attention to what you have accomplished in the past year awakens your “Can Do!” attitude and gets you back in touch with your ability to make things happen.”- Jinny S. Ditzler

Congratulate yourself for what you HAVE accomplished!


2- What Were My Biggest Disappointments?

It’s not easy to focus on our disappointments, but it’s important to list them so we can let them go.

What expectations weren’t fulfilled? Did you gain 5 pounds instead of lose 5 pounds? Did you miss the next bonus bracket? Did you miss your recruiting goal?  Did you not make it up on stage to tell your story? Did you lose some team members? Did you miss the vacation giveaway?

Write everything down, absolutely everything, so that you can get it out of your system!

So, you didn’t accomplish everything that you wanted this past year, so what!  Forgive yourself! Forget about it! Let go of any negative feelings that these failures may have caused!  What did you learn from these disappointments?


3- What Did I Learn?

Revisit the first two questions and ask yourself. . . “What worked?” Why was I able to achieve what I did?

Regarding your disappointments and failures, “What didn’t work, and why?”  What should I have done? What would you have to do differently next time in order to have a better chance of success?

Look inside yourself. What changes do I need to make in the way I operate?  How can I do things differently?  Do I need more discipline?

Learn from your experiences in the past year and adjust.  Make a list of all the lessons you have learned.  Next choose the top 3  that would make the most difference in your business and life and focus on them.


4- How Do I Limit Myself, and How Can I Stop?

“In order to have the best year yet, you must discover how you limit yourself and take responsibility for what happened so far.”- J. Ditzler

You must ask yourself the following questions:  How do I limit myself?  What has this cost me? In what ways have I benefited from limiting myself? Am I willing to stop limiting myself?

Sometimes our inner thoughts and attitudes limit us.  It’s like driving with the brakes on.  We are prevented from achieving what is possible by our thinking and feelings.

For example, you may think to yourself, “I’m a failure. No matter how hard I try, I’ll never make it. So, I’m probably going to fail at network marketing too!”  What result do you think this will get you?

Change the way you think.  Instead of focusing on beliefs that yield negative outcomes, switch your focus to beliefs that lead where you want to go.

Change your limiting paradigm from:

“I want more money but I’m not worthy of any more”  TO “I deserve more money and it flows into my life.”

“I am a terrible recruiter.”  TO “I can recruit anybody, anytime, anywhere.”

“I’m just not a good network marketer.”  TO “I’m a network marketing pro!”

Make a list of your limiting beliefs.  Do it now.


5- What Are My Personal Values?

“Becoming more aware of your personal values helps you to understand what really motivates you.”- J. Ditzler

When we strive to acquire things like a home, a car, money, vacations, or clothes, it is most often not what we really want.  They are simply manifestations of our personal values.

What we really want are the underlying feelings that we get when we have these things.  Having a home means security and loving your family. The new car may give you feelings that you can depend on it to get you to work, or perhaps it serves as a status symbol showing to everyone that you have made it.  Money provides feelings associated with freedom, the freedom to purchase whatever you want without financial worries, or perhaps power.

List your values.  Your values are your personal principles or standards- your judgment of what is important or valuable in your life.  Do it now!

Application to Network Marketing?

If you’re serious about your network marketing business, then you must treat it like a business and build it like a business.  This requires assessment, planning, strategic thinking, and commitment.

The 10 Questions of “The Best Year Yet,” are designed to help you with all the above.  They may take a little time  to complete, but it is time well spent.  At the end of the process you will know exactly, what your roles are, the area where you want to focus, and the most important goals within each role that will ensure that you have “Your Best Year Yet.”

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Great you’re half-way through the assessment and planning process! Let’s go on to the next FIVE Questions.

Click here for Part 2 of “The Best Year Yet.”

To your success,

David C Figueroa

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Reference:  Your Best Year Yet– by Jinny Ditzler, 1994

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