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How To Invest In the Stock Market And Never Lose a Penny!

The Secret To Risk-Free Investing

Imagine if there was a casino that had a special gaming table reserved only for VIPs. The rules would be that you could gamble all night, and you would never lose a dollar. You would be guaranteed that you would leave with what you started. If you win you get to keep all your gains with the exception that the house gets to keep 1.5% of your winnings. How much would you bet? How long would you play for if you knew you couldn’t lose, and if you won, you just had to pay a small portion of your upside?”- Tony Robbins

What’s Tony Robbins talking about? Tony is talking about a financial vehicle that can help you to significantly increase your wealth without incurring any risk. In other words, you will make money, but you will never lose your money!

Well how is that possible?

Isn’t there always inherent risk in investments? Yes, especially if you are not financially literate!

Many people go to a financial adviser because they don’t know anything about investments, retirement plans, mutual funds, treasury bills etc. And what ends up happening is that the “financial expert” puts you into financial instruments that are tied to the market, but do not have any downside protection. So, if the market goes up, the client makes money, but if the market goes down the client loses big time!

Do you remember the year 2008? What happened? There was a housing bubble that burst due to poor lending practices by banks. The entire banking industry almost went under!

There were thousands of home foreclosures! Many investors lost money in their real estate investments. In fact, some lost it all!

If you were in the stock market, 401k’s, mutual funds, or REITs, within a few short months you may have lost 50% of your savings!

Thousands of people lost their jobs! Older people who were looking to retire had to postpone that retirement and continue working to recoup their losses!

Unfortunately, when the market declines by double digits, it can take years to return to the original amount.

As I write this article, the stock market has been in one of longest bull runs in market history. It is long overdue for a correction. Some financial experts predict that the market could decline by 25% or more! Moreover, there is high inflation, rising interest rates, and a war in the Ukraine that could impact the stock market.

So, what do you think would happen to your investments in your stock market portfolio, your 401k, or your mutual funds? What would happen to your retirement?

The bottom line is that you have to have some protection for the downside!

There is a financial instrument that gives you the upside without the downside. Tony Robbins talks about it in his new book titled,“Money- Master the Game.”

This financial instrument is called a Fixed Index Annuity. It’s a relatively new instrument that is offered through an insurance company like American Equity, Allianz and others. These are the benefits:

  • 100% guarantee on your deposits- You can’t lose money, and you keep total control.
  • Upside without the downside- Your account value growth will be tied, i.e. “indexed” to the stock market(S&P 500), so if the market goes up, you get to participate in the gains. But, if the market goes down, you don’t lose a dime!
  • Tax deferral on your growth- You don’t have to pay Uncle Sam anything until you begin to withdraw the money.
  • A guaranteed lifetime income stream- You have the option to generate a lifetime income, and you decide when to start getting your money out. If you should die, your money goes to your beneficiaries.
  • NO annual management fees- These management fees can significantly cut into your wealth accumulation. You don’t pay any fees, and you don’t pay the agent’s commission. Yippee!

So if you’re a “Millenial” a “Gen Xer”or a “Baby-Boomer”, this is definitely a safe investment vehicle worth looking in to, that can significantly increase your wealth and set you up for a care-free retirement.

Again, you can get some of the up-side of the stock market, but if the market goes down, there is protection so that you don’t lose any money! In other words, your balance goes up with the market, but it never goes down. If the market declines, you get to keep your gains. With the power of compounding you could end up with millions!

If you’d like to research fixed index annuities, you can go to which will educate and empower you for finding the right annuity products for your specific situation.

Even Suze Orman is a fan of fixed index annuities! In her 2001 book, “The Road To Wealth,” Suze Orman says, “If you don’t want to take risk but still want to play the stock market, a good index annuity might be right for you.”

A word of caution! We are NOT talking about variable annuities! These are completely different. Stay away from them!

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David C Figueroa

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