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How To Build Trust And Rake In Sales!

How To Create Abundance In Your Business And Life With TRUST

Today there is an unfortunate lack of trust. We don’t trust our politicians. We don’t trust our newscasters. We don’t trust our doctors. We don’t trust the media. We have to question everything we read on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

It didn’t use to be that way. Back in the 1960s and 70s we would turn on the our black and white TV to listen to Walter Cronkite give the news. We would listen to every word and know that he was telling us the truth! That’s why he was considered to be the “Most Trusted Man in America.”

In the 1990s we were hooked by a very charismatic black woman named Oprah Winfrey. Millions of people watched her show on a daily basis. We knew that she was honest and trustworthy. We trusted her so much that if she recommended a book, almost instantly that book became a best-seller.

Yet, trust is a cornerstone of today’s online economy. If you are to be successful in generating sales, getting clients, or leads, the experts will tell you that you have to develop the “Know,” “Like,” and “Trust” factors.

The prospect has to get to know you at least a little bit. Once they know you, hopefully they will like you just enough to trust you and thus buy from you.

Today’s marketing strategies, especially if you are marketing online, requires that you build a brand of ‘YOU’ that people will get to know, like, and trust. In other words, you have to brand yourself as a go-to person for expertise in your niche.

You create the “know” and “like” factors by putting your face out there and providing value to your audience. You can’t come across like a ‘slimy’ sales person by spamming their Facebook page or email. As a very successful online marketing friend says “You must give without want.”

But, how do you create “trust”?

My good friend, Dominik Lipinski recently wrote a book titled “The Secrets of Trust.” He helps clients build wildly profitable coaching and expert businesses through the art of trust. He has helped clients get to multiple millions in one year, and many others reach six-figures. His clients have generated more than 18 million in revenue in four short years.

This is what Dominik says, “There is one evident thing that is usually the reason a person does not move forward with buying your product or service, assuming there’s a level of interest and an actual need by the client: lack of trust.”

He has developed trust techniques that you can use in everyday life in order to easily gain people’s trust, which in turn will lead you to greater success in life, and in business. If you want to take your business to the next level, then creating trust is something that is a must factor.


First of all, above all else, you should manifest honesty and integrity in your personal life and most of all in your business. Your success will depend on your ability to create trust effectively. People will begin to trust you when they know that you are operating from a base of honesty and integrity.

According to my friend Dominik, these are the strategies for quickly developing trust that he teaches to his clients:


Make It About Them

The very first principle to gaining people’s trust is to “make it about them.” Put the focus on them. Make it your primary goal to serve them. People can sense when you are genuinely trying to help them and not just trying to take their money.

Matching and Mirroring

Practice a Neuro Linguistic Programming technique called “matching and mirroring.” Try to mirror the way the person moves, speaks, or interacts with you. If they are reserved, then you be reserved. If they are they friendly and outgoing, then you become more friendly and outgoing. If they put their hand on their chin when the talk, then you put your hand on your chin. The key is to do the mirroring very subtly and in good faith. This technique allows the person to open up and trust you on a subconscious level.

Ask Questions About Them

People love to talk about themselves. Ask questions about the topics the other person is interested in talking about. Listen to what the person is saying and paraphrase what they said to let them know that you were actually listening and processing what they said.

Be Interested In Them

Your focus should be on the other person. Your goal is to be interested in the other person so that they feel that you are not putting you first, but rather that the other person’s needs are more important. Let them tell you about their life, what’s important to them, and what they value. Success in developing trust starts with “them.”


Respect Their View of the World

People see the world differently. We all have our own unique filter through which we interpret the world. We may have different views about politics, about nature, or perhaps even about how we should interact with people of a different color or culture.

Respecting and listening to someone’s view of the world doesn’t mean you have to accept their model of the world. But, if you are to be successful in creating trust, you must reserve your judgments and respect their view. Not always easy to do!

Respect Their Space

Have you ever sat across from someone at a restaurant table, trying to have a pleasant conversation, but as the person moves objects around the table, you start to feel uneasy to the point that you start having difficulty paying attention?

It may be that the other person was placing objects on your side of the table. They were sending a subconscious message that they were invading your space which made you uncomfortable. This nonverbal messaging has a name. It’s called “Proxemics.”

Proxemics is how people relate to each other in their use of space. It has to do with our sense of territoriality. We may not even be conscious of it, but we feel it in every situation. When our space is invaded we tend to react with a gut self-protective, antagonistic reaction.

If you want to succeed with clients of different cultures you must be acutely aware of the proxemics. Use of space as protective zones around us varies from culture to culture.

Germans and the English stand further apart than Americans when talking. The Japanese and Arab cultures stand closer together. In America, “intimate” space is considered to be eighteen inches. “Social” space is about four feet.

Respect for other people’s space creates trust.

Respect Their Beliefs and Values

We all have our own beliefs and values. When someone speaks contrary to what we value or believe, we may feel uncomfortable, perhaps even angry!

If a person made us feel this way, we would not want to buy from them. We may not even want to associate with them.

When our values and beliefs are challenged, we may react negatively due to what is called “cognitive dissonance.” In other words, your views don’t match my views and it makes me uncomfortable!

It is vitally important that you respect their beliefs and views in order to successfully create trust. Creating trust with your client will guide your success, especially if you are in any professional sales career.


People Gravitate To Up-Beat Personalities

A positive view of life is one of the most crucial personality traits to develop in order for people to be more trusting of you.”

It does not mean having a bubbly, vivacious personality, but rather having a positive mental attitude, someone who emanates an internal smile.

Be Uniquely Grateful

Gratitude is the secret ingredient that allows you to be, do, and have more in your life.”

Appreciate your life and the simple things that you have such as a bed to sleep in, friends and family, water and food. As I write this there is a war going on in Ukraine. Many people have been displaced from their homes. Many families with children don’t know where they will be sleeping, nor if they will have food to eat! Sad!

Be grateful! Use grateful language such as “I appreciate it,” or “Thank you.” With an attitude of gratitude, you will be unique.

Remember this: “Those who have gratitude will be given more to be grateful for.”

Universally Accepting

Has there ever been a time in your life when things didn’t go your way? Maybe you lose a big sale, or maybe a friend cancels a dinner date, what do you do?

You have two options. . . First you can get angry and sulk about it all day, or you can just accept things as they are.

You can learn from your disappointments, your defeats, and your failures. Learn to be grateful and accepting of your circumstances and you will become a much more positive and up-beat person that people can trust.


Situational Trust

Adjust your behavior according to the situation/environment in which you find yourself. For example, if you are in a business meeting, scope things out. What is the protocol for expressing an opinion? Would it be appropriate to crack a joke?

If you don’t make an effort to adjust to the environment, then you will lose the client’s interest and most likely will never be able to have a chance to gain trust with that person or persons.”


The Fastest Way to Gain or Lose Someone’s Trust

Time has been and always will be the quickest way to lose or gain someone’s trust.”

Don’t be the person who is always late for everything and makes excuses for it. This will reflect badly on your character and you will lose trust.

Be On Time

Do your best to always be early to an appointment. Never make excuses for being late. Showing respect for the other person’s time make it more likely that your client will respect and trust you.


Trust is an essential ingredient for succeeding with person to person relationships. This applies to business relationships as it does for intimate relationships.

Trust can help you make more sales, or get more clients. It can also help to cement your relationship with your spouse.

Apply the strategies from my coaching friend, Dominik, and take your business to the next level with T-R-U-S-T.

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To your success,

David C Figueroa- Success Coach

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