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The Secret To How Luck Happens

Who Else Wants To Be A Lucky Person?

Whenever I hear on the news that the lottery is approaching $1 Billion dollars, I start to fantasize. What would I do with so much money?

Would I buy a new big house in some swanky neighborhood? I could see myself cruising the oceans of the world in my multi-million dollar yacht surrounded by beautiful women. Wow! How about that amazing red Ferrari I saw in Vegas the other day. I think I would really look good in it!

Suddenly logic hits me in the face and snaps me back to reality! In order for me to win the lottery, I would have to beat some astronomical odds. They say the odds of winning the lottery are about the same as getting hit by lightning twice! Not likely to happen!

I have no control over what happens. I am at the mercy of the Gods of Luck, the universe, or just happenstance. The only thing I can do to improve my luck is to buy a lottery ticket!

I have some bad news for you, and some good news. There are two types of “luck.” The bad news is that the type of luck that I described above is almost completely due to random chance. You have almost no control over the outcome. So, I don’t recommend that you put your house up for sale just yet.

The good news, is that there is another type of luck that you have almost complete control over. It’s not just due to random chance. You can make yourself lucky, and thereby create your own success!

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You can use the science of luck to create your own good fortune in work, love, and life. Yes, there are scientific ways to harness the power of luck to create an exceptional life without having to buy a lottery ticket!

According to bestselling author, Janice Kaplan, in her book, How Luck Happens, luck is all around you, waiting to be found. Most people walk right by it and don’t realize that it’s there for the taking. Furthermore, there is plenty of luck in the world for everyone if you know where to look.

Opportunities are all around you. You just have to learn to see them when they present themselves. There are specific steps that you can take to make yourself luckier.

If you were to ask people who know me, they would most likely say that I am a lucky person. I had a great job, I have a nice home, I vacation all over the world, and I have enough money to last longer than my years in retirement. I also have some great relationships with varied social networks.

I never considered myself a “lucky” person. But, as per Kaplan’s book, I created my own luck. Nothing was given to me, and I didn’t have the goddess of luck helping me out. I started at zero like millions of other people in the world. I became lucky by applying the principles that follow.

Here is what Kaplan says about creating luck in the most important areas of your life:

Foundations For Creating Luck

  • Luck for the most part is created by your own actions.

  • Real luck occurs at the intersection of chance, talent, and hard work.

  • You have to believe you’re lucky to take the action that will make you lucky.

  • People are often lucky when they happen to be in the right place at the right time. However, often that “rightness” happens because they have taken the necessary steps along the way to place themselves there.

  • One of the best talents that you can have to be lucky is to be able to pay attention and notice opportunities that may be right in front of you. We often miss opportunities because we are looking in the wrong place.

One of the reasons that people miss opportunities is that they don’t ask for them. You have to tell your subconscious mind to look for them.

The other day I was putting on one of my favorite pair of shoes and I noticed that some of the stitching had come undone. I told myself, “I need to find a shoe repair place to take my shoes to get fixed.”

The next day, I went to get some Japanese take-out food at one of my favorite restaurants. As I was parking my car, I noticed that there was a shoe repair place right in front of me. I had been to that restaurant countless times but had never noticed that there was a shoe repair place right next door.

That’s why we miss opportunities! You have to tell your brain to look for them. For example you may say, “I need an income producing side hustle so that I can make an additional $1000 per month.”

When you instruct your brain in this way, you will suddenly start noticing all the ads online and elsewhere for income opportunities. You will become aware of those opportunities that you did not pay attention to before. Then when you find the right opportunity, you will consider yourself lucky!

How To Make Yourself Lucky

  • Sometimes you may have to move. You may have to go to a new place where you can make opportunities to get lucky. If you want to sell to the rich, you have to go where the rich people are.

  • Don’t let fear and lack of confidence inhibit you from going after what you want. You have to get your courage up and try the unexpected.

  • Get good at networking with other people. Other people will open doors for you but you have to be ready to step inside.

  • Don’t be afraid to zig when others zag. Lucky people are often the ones who take a path that others missed. Instead of making gas cars better, Elon Musk made a fortune by going in a whole different direction with electric vehicles when hardly anyone else was making them.

  • A lot of luck in life is seeing what others don’t see and getting themselves at the front of new waves. When the internet was new, many people I know threw themselves whole heartedly into learning the new technology. They learned how to monetize it when there was very little competition. If you knew how much they make per month online now you would think they were extremely lucky! They got in before every one else did!

The Power of Passion and Perseverance

  • If you want to be lucky you have to be persistent and don’t quit.

  • You have to know what you want and be focused on getting it. You have to tell the universe what you want (Just like finding a shoe repair store).

  • Successful people are usually the ones who don’t give up. You have to keep trying and accepting failure as part of the process. Keep taking chances.

  • Setting goals is important. Then let your passion drive you to achieve them.

  • According to Kaplan, “Luck doesn’t come in a straight line and it’s in the toughest times, when you think you’ll never be lucky again, that you need to find tenacity and courage to persist.”

  • Having a positive attitude and outlook are keys to making luck. If you don’t believe you can be lucky, you never will.

  • Finally, some famous person said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Hard work toward achieving your goals is an essential key to making yourself lucky.


Luck happens at the intersection of chance, talent and hard work. Tell the universe what you want, focus, and be persistent. Don’t quit! Take chances and don’t be afraid to fail many times. Now go get lucky!

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To your success,

David C Figueroa-Success Coach

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