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7 Deadly Money Myths That Will Keep You Poor!

How Changing Your Beliefs About Money Can Dramatically Change Your Financial Success Sixty-four percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck! Seventy-seven percent also have debt, with the average debt being over $100,000. Only 25% are totally debt-free. These numbers haven’t changed much since the 1970s. The economy and the jobs market rises and falls […]

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How To Cancel Years of Mortgage Payments And Convert Your Debt to Wealth!

How To Payoff  Your Home, and Personal Debt in 1/2 To 1/3 the Time  AND Build Life-Changing Wealth MONEY MAX ACCOUNT It has been said, “Those who understand interest earn it. Those who don’t, pay it.” This couldn’t be more true! Those who spend 30+ years paying interest on mortgages, cars, credit cards, etc. are […]

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