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Are You More Like A “Winner” or a “Loser”? You May Not Like The Answer!

Reality Is Created By The Mind.  We can Change Our Reality By Changing Our Mind- Plato Why do some people become “winners” while others become pathetic “losers?”  This is a phenomenon that I have often thought about.  Although there are multiple reasons why this occurs, I have come to the conclusion that the number one […]

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Which Side of the Cash Flow Quadrants Do You Live In? The Rich Side or the Poor Side?

“Life is tough.  The question is, what are you going to do about it?  Moaning and groaning won’t secure your future.  Neither will blaming Wall Street, the big bankers, corporate America, or the government.  If you want a solid future, you need to create it.  You can take charge of your future only when you […]

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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Focus and Ensure Your Success!

“While the link between attention and excellence remains hidden most of the time, it ripples through almost everything we seek to accomplish.”- Daniel Goleman Today’s society can be defined by the word “technology.” We have all sorts of technology like never before. We have our smart phones, our tablets, computers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and […]

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