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Warning! Are You A “Loser?” or a Winner? This May Surprise You!

How To Determine If You Are A “Winner” Or A “Loser” Key Points: > You become a winner or a loser by how you think and the choices you make > Being a winner or a loser has nothing to do with genetics or economic status > You can become a winner by changing your […]

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15 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From ‘Dancing With The Stars’

15 Valuable Lessons for Personal and Business Success I admire the athleticism and beauty of two people dancing in perfect synchronicity to the rhythms of a beautiful tango, cha cha, or waltz. Some of the most beautiful interpretations of dance can be seen on the popular TV show, “Dancing With the Stars.” I look forward […]

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How This Research-Proven Mindset Can Make You Smarter And More Successful In Life

The New Psychology of Success Key Points- Changing your beliefs can have a profound effect on your life This one newly discovered belief guides a large part of your life You can change your mindset to help you to reach your potential The Growth Mindset Checklist Do you believe that your intelligence or personality is […]

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8 Research Proven Ways To Increase Your Charisma and Attract People To You

How To Magnetically Attract People and Get Them To Do What You Want Them To Do Key Points: -What is charisma? -Is it a case of “You either have it or you don’t?” -Can you develop a magnetic personality? There are some people who seem to have this natural “magnetism.” As soon as they walk […]

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How To Build Trust And Rake In Sales!

How To Create Abundance In Your Business And Life With TRUST Today there is an unfortunate lack of trust. We don’t trust our politicians. We don’t trust our newscasters. We don’t trust our doctors. We don’t trust the media. We have to question everything we read on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. It didn’t use to […]

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10 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

10 Secrets To Become A Self-Made Millionaire Would you like to know the secrets to becoming a self-made millionaire? Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker, personal development best-selling author, and corporate trainer. He is a success expert, having studied and taught success strategies for over 40 years. He has written over 80 books related to: […]

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How To Have A High-Stakes Discussion When You Know It’s Gonna Suck!

How to Make It Safe to Talk About Almost Anything Without Committing Career or Relationship Suicide! You and the other managers have been called to a special meeting with the Chief Executive Officer. At this meeting the CEO announces that he has decided that one of the distribution centers in a certain location needs to […]

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Why Continuous Personal Development is Critical To Your Success

To Have More Than You’ve Got, Become More Than You Are! We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons:  inspiration or desperation.  Well, the late Jim Rohn aimed for the inspiration, always emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility for self-improvement and showing people how to reach for bigger, better lives. Who inspired him?  His […]

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10 Smart Tips For Creating Personal and Financial Success With “Risk”

How “Risk” Is A Natural and Essential Part of Success “I took risks very early in life, and I visualized the chance to grow as a human being, to grow to help my family. Risks are part of success. Just make sure it’s a risk worth taking.”- Patricia Garcia (Founder of Power Media Group Inc.) […]

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Success: These Two Little-Known Factors Are Proven To Turn You Into A Peak Performer!

Two Essential Traits of Highly Successful People “Going on one more round, when you don’t think you can, that’s what makes all the difference in your life.”- Sylvester Stallone What are the traits that distinguish the highly successful from the mediocre people? Who are the people at the very top of most professions? What makes […]

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