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Can A Marshmallow Predict Your Success in Life?

What Everybody Should Know About the Secret of “Willpower!” Why do some people seem to have it all. . . health, wealth, and overall success.? While others seem to be caught in a web of poverty, failure, and despair? Are there factors in early childhood that can accurately predict the future life status of individuals? […]

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FREE Report: 12 Proven Steps For Achieving Success In Work, Play, and Life!

How To Succeed In Everything You Do Even If You’re A Complete Dummy! Introduction Would you like to know why some people are hugely successful in life, while others are pathetic failures? In this post I will share the secrets to this question from some of the greatest minds in history.  But, first I’d like […]

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How To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet in Network Marketing- Part 2

Ten Questions for Making the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever! Congratulations, you’ve answered the first five questions!  Now it’s time to continue with the next five questions to help you assess your business, yourself, and what you need to do to make 2019 your best year! Questions 6-10: 6- What Roles Do I […]

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Living the Seven Habits Have you ever wondered what distinguishes effective people, i.e successful people from ineffective people, i.e. unsuccessful people?  Stephen R. Covey wrote a book titled, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  It was a national best-seller.  Here is a synopsis of the contrast between the Seven Habits of Highly Effective and […]

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Never Stop Dreaming! Dream Big Like The Mayans Did!

You’re the only one who can make a difference.  Whatever your dream is, go for it.”- Magic Johnson I’ve always been a dreamer, but more than that I have been a doer.  When I’ve been striving for a dream, I have felt alive!  I have felt that I was going somewhere and accomplishing things.  I […]

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