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The Big Lie of “The Secret” And Why It’s Just Rubbish!

The “Secret” Book didn’t tell you everything!  That’s why you’re destined to fail unless you get the WHOLE story! In 2006, Rhonda Byrne wrote a book called “The Secret.” It went on to become a best-seller, selling over 19 million copies world-wide and was translated into 46 languages. There was also a film, and a […]

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The Three Levels of Modern Prospecting That Your Upline Probably Didn’t Tell You About

What if there was a more efficient way to prospect and recruit that didn’t require cold-calling, home-meetings, or chasing friends and relatives. . . A modern strategy to get people to chase YOU for more information? Well pay attention because you’re upline probably didn’t tell you about this. . . Recently, my friend and mentor, […]

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10 Surprising Reasons To Trade Stocks For Creating Wealth

Why You Should Consider Trading Stocks What if you could pull money out of thin air? Would that be of interest to you? Unfortunately that is impossible! But there is something that comes close. . . What is it? It’s trading stocks on the stock market. Have you ever seen those contests where if you […]

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The Most Effective Way To Become Proficient At Anything!

“Smart Practice,” The Most Effective Way To Become An Expert One of my “bucket list” goals is to become a good dancer of Argentine Tango. After having traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of the tango, I fell in love with the dance! There were beautiful dancers on every corner of Calle Florida. The […]

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9 Quick Tips for Eliminating Debt

Getting out of debt can be a painfully difficult process, unlike getting into debt. With mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc; it can take but a few months to accumulate debt in the hundreds of thousands but an eternity to get out of debt. According to Experian, the average American carries an average of $6,354 […]

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