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Are You More Like A “Winner” or a “Loser”? You May Not Like The Answer!

Reality Is Created By The Mind.  We can Change Our Reality By Changing Our Mind- Plato

Why do some people become “winners” while others become pathetic “losers?”  This is a phenomenon that I have often thought about.  Although there are multiple reasons why this occurs, I have come to the conclusion that the number one reason is that “winners” think significantly different than “losers.”


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Yes, genetics and environment have something to do with outcome.  However, the primary factor is how the person thinks that determines whether they are a loser or a winner.

Most people know what a “winner” looks like if you ask them.  They are people whom you look up to.  They are valued in society. They have integrity and command respect. They treat people well and contribute positively to society.

Who do you know in your family, work place, or in society that you think about as being a winner?  I’m sure someone comes to mind.

“Losers” on the other hand, are looked at negatively by society.  They tend not to have any integrity and therefore don’t get any respect.  The often are not high achievers.  They tend to take more from society than they give back. People tend to avoid these types of persons.  Who comes to mind when you think of a “loser?”

Winners and losers have nothing to do with social status.  There are rich winners, just as there a poor winners.  There are rich losers, just as there are poor losers.

It has to do more with thinking and behavior than with financial status.

Let’s contrast the difference between “Winners” and “Losers”:

WINNERS                                                    LOSERS

Think they CAN                                            Think they CAN’T

Take responsibility                                        Blame others

Give more than they take                             Take more than they give

Are compassionate for others                      Don’t care about anyone but themselves

Care about the environment                         Pollute the environment with smoke, litter

Can delay gratification                                   Require immediate gratification

Earn what they get                                         Feel they are owed what they get

Never use or abuse drugs                             Use or abuse drugs or alcohol

Associate with positive people                     Associate with negative people

Give to society                                                Take from society

Never quit!                                                       Are quitters!

Have positive values (integrity, honesty)         Have negative values (lie, cheat, steal)

Build                                                                 Destroy

As you can see, there are significant distinctions between Winners and Losers.  Which side of the equation are you on?

Which side you manifest often determines how you will experience the world.  One side or the other can often predict your success in life.

If you think and behave as on the “Winner” side you will likely experience life as fulfilling and rewarding.  If you think and behave as on the “Loser” side, you will likely experience life negatively and harshly.  It is fortunate that nothing is set in stone.  You can always change your thinking, your behavior and thus change your life!

“You are the master of your destiny.  You can influence, direct and control your own environment.  You can make your life what you want it to be.” – Napoleon Hill

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