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What Is the Business of the 21st Century?


“72 percent of all adult Americans would rather work for themselves than for a job, and 67 percent think about quitting their jobs “regularly” or “constantly,” according to research firm Decipher.  Are you one of these?

Having your own business means having control of your own financial future.  You build your own asset not someone else’s.  In order to become wealthy and achieve financial freedom, you have to be in the ‘B’ or the ‘I’ quadrant.  Network marketing provides a simple, inexpensive option for getting into the ‘B’ quadrant.  Here are some benefits to a network marketing business:

  • Network marketing is a real-world business school for people who want to learn real-world skills of an entrepreneur, rather than the skills of an employee.
  • There are significant tax advantages that come from having your own home-based business. You may be able to deduct car expenses, gasoline, some meals, entertainment, your computer, your internet, etc.
  • Owning a network marketing business is a great catalyst for personal development.  It helps you to stretch, to change your thinking and your attitude so that you will attract the wealth.
  • Network marketing provides a whole new circle of influence.  Have you heard the saying “Birds of a feather flock together?”  In a network marketing business, you hang out with people who are there to help you become richer.
  • A network marketing business allows you to leverage your time and effort.  As you build a network, you are able to harness the power of exponential growth, thus multiplying your efforts many times over.  You work smarter not harder!
  • The business is very easily duplicated. Burke Hedges call it “Copycat Marketing.”  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to follow the system, and copy what is already working.
  • Network marketing builds great leaders.  “Network marketing tends to develop the type of leader who influences others by being a great teacher, teaching others to fulfill their life’s dreams by teaching others to go for their dreams.”
  • Low risk/High Income potential.  You can start your own business for under $50 and yet have the potential to earn six figures!  This is a true model of the low-risk/high potential equation.  Some leaders have produced unbelievable incomes!
  • References:  The Business of the 21st Century by Robert T. Kyosaki, and Copycat Marketing 101 by Burke Hedges

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About the Author David C Figueroa

David C Figueroa is a psychologist with over 35 years of experience teaching personal development. An awesome success coach, and internet marketer. Now retired, he has refocused his goals into helping network marketers grow their businesses online.

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